Our team

        My name is Emil Enchev.
    I was born in December 1973. I have     a Master’s degree in Veterinary     Medicine and have worked as a vet in a     zoo for 4 years.
    Photography has become my passion     for over fifteen years by now. In 2004     I completely turned my hobby into a job      and now I am a full-time professional nature photographer organizing tours and workshops in my beautiful country.

         I know where, when and how to do wildlife photography in Bulgaria. Important part of my strategy is having a great variety of hides, especially for bird photography.         

        What I like the most about my occupation is the fact that gives me a chance to be out in the nature and at same time have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and share my experience with them.

        Through my work I am trying to find a way to devote the rest of my career to the preservation of wild nature.

        Andreas Lentfer is our representative for Germany
    Born in 1963 and grown up near Hamburg in the     northern part of Germany, Andreas developed his     interest for nature during his childhood. With that interest     more and more growing, he took up photography at the     age of 14 and soon tried to take his first pictures of birds     around the feeder in winter. Step by step he developed     his experience and his first own earned money went straight into camera equipment. A passion had started that never faded again.

         Since then, many wildlife photography tours took Andreas to interesting and sometimes very remote destinations in Europe, East Africa, South Africa, Asia and America. Important to him is, that besides trying to take great pictures of the beauties and wonders in nature, he also makes sure to enjoy those times, gaining intense experiences. That in mind, it’s essential for Andreas, that any action he takes out there in nature to get pictures, is happening with minimal disturbance for fauna and flora.         

        Recently, after almost 20 years working as an engineer in the Food industry, Andreas has decided to take up new challenges. Amongst others, he has decided to also become the German contact partner for Emil’s Wildlife Photography Tours in Bulgaria. His aim is to demonstrate, what fantastic treasures Bulgaria is holding for nature enthusiasts and to encourage people to go and visit this beautiful country.

        Andrea's website :

         Michaela Yordanova is a botanist
    who always loves being out in the
    After graduating from Botany
    Department of Sofia University she
    worked for several years at the                                                                  Bulgarian Academy of Science.
      However, she is also an experienced mountain guide, and can also be found leading trekking and walking groups. Being permanently in our mountains Michaela is also very interested in nature photography, mainly macro and art photography of nature objects. Michaela is the person who can help you to indentify the plants you photograph during our macro photography workshops.

         Miroslav Slavchev was born in Ruse
    in 1977.
    He graduates Master degree as a
    herpetologist and ornithologist in
    University of Sofia.
    His professional interests nowadays are related with reptiles and amphibians, but birding become into his great passion before 10 years. At present he is a PhD student of zoology in University of Sofia. Also he is a volunteer lecturer in Sofia Zoo, because one of his goals is to educate young people how to protect and appreciate our wild treasures.
Often he said “When I’m somewhere in the nature with a backpack and camera I feel myself alive. My work gives me a possibility to meet a lot of positive and intelligent people with same interests - that is a priceless reward”.
Since 2010 Miro is keen wildlife photographer.
The professional knowledge, technical and communicative skills, responsibility, and sense of humor make Miro one of the best Bulgarian nature guides.

     Ludmil (Lucky) Donchev is the newest member of our      team (since summer2013). The career of professional      photographer took him for many years on cruise ships      where his photographic skills and the ability to work     with people made lot of happy customers and many     positive comments. Our guests who have passion for     birds and nature but are lacking some of the technical skills sometimes necessary can always have friendly and calm conversation on the theme. Friendly, careful, communicative, knowledgeable and responsible, we are proud that Lucky is part of us.