Why exactly Bulgaria?

          Bulgaria is a great place for nature photography.     It is a very beautiful country and one of the top places     in Europe when ranked by biodiversity. It is second      in plant diversity (after the much larger Spain),with     nearly 4000 species of plants,400 of which being      Balkan or Bulgarian endemites. In addition to that,     415 species of birds, 19 species of amphibians,      37 species of reptiles, 110 species of mammals,      214 species of butterflies and 68 species of                                                                   dragonflies have been reported in the country.

         Most of the species are found in significant numbers and have stable populations. For some of them Bulgaria is the best, and for others even the only place where they can be photographed in their natural habitat         

         Among the main reasons for such diverse flora and fauna are:         

    **Geographical location the country is situated on the border between the continental and the Mediterranean climate zones. 
    **Exceptionally diverse relief on a relatively small area ranging from as low as the sea level up to nearly 3000 meters above sea level, which leads to a great variety of different habitats. 
    **Low density of human population as compared to other European countries. A specific feature of the country is the high concentration of people in cities and the availability of vast areas with low human presence. 
    **Dense network of protected areas, which helps to conserve the natural habitats.         

        Bulgaria is an EU member state, which means greater safety and security for its citizens and guests.        

         If you are connoisseur of good food and hospitality, your will be more than pleased to visit Bulgaria.         

        Come to Bulgaria!