Bulgaria in autumn colors – landscape photography

Monday 28 th October – Tuesday 05th November 2019

This workshop has been created with inspiration especially for people who love the beauty of autumn, like to explore remote areas, hidden away from the every-day city fuss. We offer you photography in old woods, picturesque river valleys, ancient volcanic rock formations, vertical mountain gorges.This journey provides a chance to touch a part of Europe you have probably never known to exist.

Moreover, you will have the possibility to expand your photographic skills. Learn more about composition, exposure or the best light conditions. What are the right settings for your camera? How can you get the most out of your camera/lens combination? Whether you are a beginner or an already advanced photographer, this workshops will support you in achieving better results in your photos.


In geographical terms, Southern Bulgaria is where the dry and warm Mediterranean climate meets the fresh vegetation of moderate climate.
This region is characterized by milder autumn climate and slow cooling what contributes to the gradual “ripening” of the colour of the leaves of the deciduous trees.

This workshop takes place among mountainous and semi-mountainous region, particularly in the Mountains of Rila, Southern Pirin and Central Rodopes . Each of these mountains has a unique geomorphology, resulting in an impressive diversity of relief, landscapes and rock formations. The different rock foundation, combined with the transitional climate determines the rich vegetation and impressive wealth of colours of autumn here.

The dates of the workshop between the end of October and the start of November are set up to coincide an impressive colour culmination. The provided transfers on an altitude of some 200 up to 1500 meters guarantee the chance to photograph various stages in the coloration of the vegetation, together with unique landscape formations and relief.
The journey also targets several species of autumn flowers, mushrooms and the last remained active amphibians and insects.
The small villages of traditional architecture and livelihood contribute to the special atmosphere of the trip. The accommodation sites are nice and cozy, providing tasty traditional specialties.

Daily Program
The accommodation during the workshop takes place in five different family hotels. All of them are located away of the active road traffic in picturesque places, raising photographic interest alone.
Each morning the group heads to the accents of the programme. The very travel provides interesting sights and chances for photo-stops.

Some flexibility is in-built so different sites in various sequence can be visited, according to the particular climatic conditions. For example, rivers and old colourful forests are particularly attractive in foggy days, while panoramic view and rock formations are preferred in clear days.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the hotel restaurants, while lunch is usually planned as picnic.
The time after dinner is provided for discussing the footage taken during the day, for presenting the nature of Bulgaria, discussing the plans for the next day, exchanging experience on working with Photoshop and getting familiar with multimedia software for developing slideshows (Wings Platinum 4).

Level of Fitness
In most cases, a short trip of some tens to hundreds meters will be sufficient to reach our main points of interest. It should be considered that the terrain is uneven and at some stages may require good physical stability.
For those who would like that, most of the sites provide for longer trips as well.

Weather and Clothing
This period is often characterized by dynamic weather and widely ranging temperatures. Mornings can have frost, while afternoon temperature at sunny sides can reach up to 20 degrees Centigrade.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry a jacket in case of rainy or cool weather. Waterproof walking boots are another important thing to bring with you.

  • Group size: 2 – 6 photographers
  • Cost: 1450 EUR per person
  • Single supplement: 150 EUR
  • Deposit: 200 EUR
Price includes: Airport transfers (from and to Sofia Airport), local transportation, accommodation, all meals, use of hides, and guides.
Price excludes: International Flights, travel insurance, alcohol and all items of purely personal nature.

If the group comprises more than four photographers, a second car is provided with a second driver. This will secure more attention for each participant, as well as will allow for a greater flexibility.

Considering photo-equipment and all other questions related to the workshop, please feel free to contact us.