Snow and eagles

As usual, we started this year's photography season in November. The autumn was warm and calm. The mellow autumn color were the main backdrop of raptor photographs until the middle of January, except for a couple of snow storms and a thin white cover. During this period our main hide for raptors photography was regularly visited by a Golden eagles and their first year old young.
All was easy until 20th January, when the entire country got snowbound. The snow cover reached several meters at places, and few cold fronts from Siberia brought blizzards and temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius. The access to the hides became hard and we had to make our way on foot for an hour, sometimes even more.
Despite all this all our guests, (the oldest of which was 79) made it and, what is more, absolutely every shooting day was a success! This last winter we learned more efficient ways to attract carnivorous mammals, (at daytime ), and we are believe the following winter seasons will be also successful.

Below are the pictures made from some of our guests.