Floating hide photography

Spring Time - Photo Time

In the spring of 2010 with much excitement we launched our first „ floating hide workshop”. It was a wonderful new undertaking. Among the most often comments we received by the participants were words like: “this has been my best experience ever since I have been doing wildlife photography!”.

And, to be honest, the excitement among the photographers is not exaggerated. Moving slowly and cautiously with a floating hide, one could get very close to birds and animals at the same time being able to choose the best site considering the direction of sunlight and the background. The low positioning of the camera toward the water surface allows for interesting compositions including reflections and all. Among the main advantages of shooting from a floating hide is the opportunity of being among wildlife without causing any disturbance.

The typical species encountered during this workshop are: Black-necked Grebe, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe, Red-necked Grebe, Pigmy Cormorant, Little Bittern, Night Heron, Squacco Heron, Ducks, Waders, Black and Whiskered terns and other birds living near the reed beds. With more patience and luck some mammals such as Otter and Water Vole can also be photographed.

During our spring and summer „birds and wildlife workshops” you could also take advantage of our floating hides, yet the number of species and good opportunities would be more limited. If you would like to dive into the magic of the spring lakes and swamps – this workshop is the one you need!


The Sites
Several shallow wetlands along the Danube and the Maritsa River, as well several inland lakes are among our favourite sites. Most of these places are characterized by significant dynamics of their water level and seasonal activity of their inhabitants. Therefore we carefully select the most suitable sites for implementing this workshop every spring.

Typical Itinerary
The quiet sunny mornings are most favoured, trying to be among the birds at dusk already. The duration of the stay on the hide depends on the preferences of the participants, the weather and the behavior of the birds and the animals.

Our hides are equipped with comfortable isolated boxes suited to safely store equipment, phones, clothes, food and other personal belongings. The front platform is also fitted with a convenient screw allowing for safe mounting of equipment such as a tripod head with attached long lens+camera.

Whenever strong wind appears (fortunately such days are rare in spring) it is not convenient to try the floating hide and we are seeking and offering opportunities of shooting off the water.

Avoiding the disturbance of waterfowl and other water inhabitants is our main priority. The maximum number of participants allowed is therefore three. The floating hide offered is most successful during the period April 20th – May 20th.

You can use our chest waders and neoprene clothes or use your own. This, as well as other details on equipment, logistics and prices will be additionally clarified.

This is a tailor-made workshop and we are happy to organise it for you.

For more information please contact us.