My guests stay at hotels or licensed villas (which I personally check beforehand.) The rooms are clean and cosy, with en-suite bathrooms. If you wish to visit some remote or difficult access areas where such conveniences cannot be provided, you will be informed in detail about the living conditions that can be offered.

For the duration of the tour food is included in the price. Breakfast is usually served at the hotel. In cases when this is not possible (E.g. when photographers have to be in the hides very early in the morning) it is served in the open or breakfast packets are handed out.
For workshops I prepare mini-picnic lunches in the open. For photo tours lunch is served at a restaurant or is a picnic, depending on the program for the day.
Dinner is always served at a restaurant, but it is possible to arrange a barbecue as an exception.

From the moment of your arrival to the moment of your departure I organize your transport around the country. The cars we use are comfortable for travelling and for carrying your equipment around. They are also specially chosen to be suitable for car window photography.

I am at your disposal during the tours and we plan the daily programmes together. I am prepared to answer your questions and share my experience with you at any time. Most tours are organized for up to 4 participants, which makes communication and cooperation very easy.

Some tours may be extended provided this is stated beforehand.
We can also arrange accommodation before or after the tour, in case you choose to stay in the country longer.

Why Join Wildlife photography tours in Bulgaria with Emil Enchev?
  1. I know my country very well. I know the people, the food, the roads and the infrastructure, which will help you to feel at home in Bulgaria.
  2. I have traveled a lot and I know Bulgarian wildlife and the places of photography interest. I can give you detailed information when and how you can see and photograph birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, insects, plants and many other interesting things.
  3. I work with the clear objective to make my customers feel comfortable, to offer them enough opportunities for good quality photographs and to treat them in a way that will make them come back again.
  4. This is my business and I do care.