Black Sea coast

Durankulak Lake

wildlife photography        The lake is situated on the Black Sea coast, 6 km from the Romanian border, 100 km from Varna, next to the village of Durankulak. It is a CORINE biotope...

Kaliakra Cape

        This is one of the most impressive places on the Bulgarian black-seacoast. It is an open plane territory ending abruptly with 70m high vertical cliffs...

Lake complex “Shabla”

        The complex consists of Shabla lake - a high humidity area by the Ramsar convention. It is a CORINE site covering an area of 510 hectares and includes the semi-saline lagoon Shablenska tuzla...


Pomorie Lake

        The lake is a hyper saline lagoon separated from the sea by a sand strip. It’s overall surface is 850 hectares, with 6.7 km length and about 2 km width /Ramsar Site/.


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