Individual photo tours

Our rich experience of running various wildlife photography tours in Bulgaria showed us that many photographers prefer tailor-made tours, restricted most often to one to three participants. We are flexible and we work with photographers of all levels- from professionals to beginners who could learn from our experience. Moreover, we are able to offer tours for photographers who are interested in particular species, but also for those with more broad interest on the European nature.
Depending from the species you would like to photograph, as well as the time you are ready to spend, we can arrange optimal schedule which will provide you with both successful photography and comfortable holiday.

Have in mind that some of our workshops can be extended as a private trip with several more days after your request. We can also arrange accommodation before or after the workshop, in case you choose to stay in the country longer.

Also is good to know that most of our photo destinations are in beautiful relaxing places, suitable for people who want just to relax and watch wildlife. We can arrange nature photo trip for you and for related to you people who are not photographers.

If you want to go on private trip, pleas contact us.
We need to know:
- About your main interest (birds, mammals, plants, insects, landscape, etc. )
- Which period of the year and for how long period you prefer to be with us
- About your experience as a nature photographer (do you have long or short experience as a wildlife photographer)
- Do you have some specific personal needs or problems (food preferences, health problems, etc.)?

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