Macro Photography in the mountains - Plants, Insects and all the Mountain beauty

Tuesday 29th June – Wednesday 07th July 2021

For individual macro photography trips – best period from 20th of June till 20th of July

Owlfly, /Ascalaphus libelloides macaronius/

Main Focus

The beginning of July is late spring in the high mountains, while in their foothills the summer is already in its golden times. Our workshop offers you to explore the high mountains with all the beauty of their alpine meadows, gorges and pine forests.

Alpine Aster /Aster alpinus L./

The mountain regions of South-Western Bulgaria are cut through by the valleys of rivers and brooks whereby warm Mediterranean climate can be felt. Thus, the nature gets enriched with a big variety of flowers, mushrooms, butterflies, dragonflies and many other wonderful and strange creatures. Several species of reptiles and amphibians can be photographed as well. Truly impressive are the dynamic and odd landscapes- a result of the collision of the mountain relief with that of the rivers of Struma and Mesta and their tributes. Having the charming mountain as a background you will be able to spend a nice, relaxing holiday.

The Sites
Starting and final point is Sofia Airport. During this workshop we will visit the mountain ranges Rila, Pirin and Central RodopesMain objects of photography are highland fields and river valleys at altitude between 1000 and 2300 meters. We have focused on places which are fascinating both with their flora as well as with their attractive insect fauna. On our way to these sites we will pass by the foothills of South-western Bulgaria where the climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and typical Mediterranean species of flowers and animals are common. You will be able to enjoy nature in its gripping diversity and beauty. 

Daily Program

Early each morning, after a short breakfast, the group goes out for photography. According to our daily program, we will move slowly on foot along the routes that we’ve chosen and will stop at certain attractive places. Lunch will be either a picnic or in a nearby restaurant. During the transfer days we will also make several stops at interesting sites, thus ensuring an intensive programme that gives us good contact with nature. Each of the participants will receive personal attention according to their particular interests in shooting techniques and natural objects. After dinner we will have the chance of looking through and discussing the work that has been done during the day.   

 Level of Fitness

Most of the time we will walk slowly and will make regular stops.  However, some days we will cover routes that require several hours   of slowly walking through uneven mountain terrain.  Therefore, you will have to be in a good health condition and be able to carry your own equipment.

The high mountain is a good shelter from the hot July days. However, it doesn’t protect us from the sun radiation, especially at noon. Therefore, it is advisable to have hats, sunscreen cream, long-sleeve shirts and sunglasses with you. It is necessary to also carry a jacket in case of rainy or cool weather conditions. Waterproof walking boots are another thing to bring with you. 

Group size:                        2 – 6 photographers
Cost:                                   1450 EUR per person
Single supplement:          130 EUR
Deposit:                             200 EUR
Price includes: Airport transfers (from and to Sofia Airport), local transportation, accommodation, all meals, and guides.
 Price excludes: International flights, travel insurance, alcohol and all items of purely personal nature.