Our small team....

Emil Enchev

Emil Enchev
I was born in  December 1973. So as a child the only affordable camera for me was Smena 8-that russian "wonder" of a camera. Load it with b&w film and you're ready to explore the wonderful world of photography.
In 1998 when I've got my master's degree in veterinary medicine and started to work in Varna zoo for four years.
During 2003 and 2004 I had the chance to travel along Caribbean and Atlantic as photographer on  CCL  touristic boat.
In 2004 I completely turned my nature photography hobby into a job  and now I am a full-time professional nature photographer organizing tours and workshops in my beautiful Bulgaria. During winter 2008 I was charmed from the beautiful nature of Lake Kerkini/Greece. So the next year the first trip was organized with great success. Greece also offers fantastic opportunities for landscape and macro photography trips which we offer now too.
Since 2017 our new destination are the Canary Islands. I prefer to be there during European winter when icelands attract with spring atmosphere and highly various landscapes.
Although I do like the photography by itself the main reason to travel with camera is my passion to be outside and have contact with the nature.  I think this approach and philosophy is important part of my job as photo leader working for other nature photographers. Most often thankfully to my efforts my guest go back home with top images, not me. I am OK with that. 
I do believe that nature photography is something personal, boutique and organizing large groups ruin this idea and of course the quality of the trips.

Andreas Lentfer

Andreas Lentfer
Andreas Lentfer is our representative for Germany
Born in 1963 and grown up near Hamburg/Germany, Andreas developed his interest for nature during his childhood. With that interest more and more growing, he took up photography at the age of 14 and soon tried to take first pictures of birds in the garden. With gaining more experience, his first own earned money went straight into more advanced camera equipment. A passion had started that never faded again.
Since then, Andreas has traveled the world to interesting and sometimes very remote places. Besides trying to take beautiful pictures, it is important to him to enjoy the often very special moments in nature. That in mind, it is essential for Andreas, that any action he takes to get pictures, is happening with minimal disturbance for fauna and flora.
After almost 20 years working as an engineer in the Food industry, Andreas has decided to take up new challenges. Besides others, he has become the German contact partner for Emil  Wildlife Photography Tours in Bulgaria.  www.lentfer-naturephotography.de  
Andreas often joining Emil's team as a guide, showing participating photographers some of the most wonderful places in nature Bulgaria has to offer.


Miroslav Slavchev

Miroslav Slavchev
Miroslav Slavchev ( Miro) was born in 1977. Since his childhood he is keen to see and learn about reptiles and birds. He study biology in Sofia University and today  Miro is Doctor of Herpetology.
Since 2010 Miro is part of our team. He is keen Canon DSLR user searching for his favorite – birds, reptiles and amphibians.
 Well organized, knowledgeable, hard-working, talkative with good sense of humor make him  one of the best guides in Bulgarian nature. If your particular interests are reptiles and amphibians you can heck his web page http://naturebg.com
Miro is member of BSPB, Bulgarian Herpeto Society. Since 2017th he work in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as herpetologist. He often participate nature protection campaigns as a volunteer.

Nikolai Shopov

Nikolay Shopov was born 1986. Most of his life he spent in Bratsigovo, a small town in Rodopi Mountains. From early teen years his main interest is the wild nature. And all around his place have a lot to offer! Niki love to be outside hiking, searching, watching, waiting.  Since 2009  Bratsigovo is main area for our spring-summer workshops and since then Niki is or main and most dedicated local expert. About same time he develop a taste for wildlife photography. In spring time he know when the first hoopoes arrive, where the new pair of Back woodpeckers appear, wish place is best to look for Golden Oriole. If you are in trouble with your PC softer or hardware Niki can be also very helpful. He have more than 15 years experience in computer repairing and linux server administration: php, mysql, sendmail, proftp, apache, ssh, firewall, ssl, web, etc.

Ludmil Donchev

Ludmil  Donchev
Ludmil (Lucky) Donchev is the newest member of our team (since summer2013).
The career of professional photographer took him for many years on cruise ships where his photographic skills and the ability to work with people made lot of happy customers and many positive comments. Our guests who have passion for birds and nature but are lacking some of the technical skills sometimes necessary can always have friendly and calm conversation on the theme. Friendly, careful, communicative, knowledgeable and responsible, we are proud that Lucky is part of us.