Greece - 15000 km Mediterranean coast line! I believe it is not necessary to advertise the famous Greek seacoast.
Due to its fame, it seems to "overshadow" the mountains. Greece is primarily a mountainous country. There are about 300 larger or smaller mountains covering 80% of the country!
 Islands, endless shoreline and many mountains, all this fragmented terrain creates a great variety of places with a micro-climate and as a result great biodiversity - a paradise for the nature lovers.

Pindus National Park

Among my favorite areas in Greece are Epirus and Thessaly. Our Landscape and Macro Photography workshops take place there. From the end of March till the beginning of May is the best time to photograph a great mountain landscapes with many plants, insects and reptiles as well. Of course the famous rock churches of Meteora are special part of this trip.
An early spring in Greece with its aromas, vivid colors, beautiful scenery and traditional Greek cuisine - could it be better?

Viola grisebachiana Vis.

With more than 5700 species, the plant diversity of Greece is impressive and attracts with many interesting and endemic species! Many of them can be found only on separated islands or hard-to-reach places in the mountains. So, if you are planning a specialized botanical trip, try to be well informed in advance.

The birds number of Greece is about 370, and this is near 30 species more than in Bulgaria. However, in my opinion, purely logistically and as natural conditions, photographing most of the bird species is easier and more successful in Bulgaria. That’s why I do not plan to develop Greece as a destination for bird photography.

Dalmatian pelicans, Lake Kerkini

However, there is one big exception - Lake Kerkini! Among the photographers, it is best known as Dalmatian pelican’s lake, and this makes the area a world top destination. The best period to photograph the pelicans is from the end of December till the beginning of March, when they are in their most attractive plumage, colors and behavior. For most of the year, they are afraid of people and keep their distance, but in winter we can approach and practically, be with them. This happens mostly near fisherman’s nets and pelicans are not afraid to take fish from  the people.

The lake is also home to many other migratory and nesting birds and is worth a visit in all seasons. Deciduous forests and pastures border with the lake - home for many other wild species. Surrounded by mountains make the whole area very attractive for landscape photography as well. By my opinion, Kerkini is a good example for a place, where there is room for both people and animals.

The lake is only 20 km away from the border with Bulgaria, so we often organize trips Bulgaria-Greece to photograph birds.

Landscape photography trips Bulgaria-Greece are also a good option but they require at least 10-12 days traveling.