Winter Bird Photography

Golden Eagle
open for individual trips from December till mid Mach
Winter Time - Photo Time

Winter in Bulgaria and Greece is an excellent time for bird photography.  The large numbers of birds arriving from the north, together with the many local species, provide a lot of opportunities for making fantastic pictures.  The abundant sunny days with perfect soft light will further help you to produce top shots.

Among the most attractive species in this period are: Golden Eagle, Goshawk, Griffon and Black Vulture, Dalmatian Pelican, Red-breasted Goose.


Also we offer photography of : Long-eared Owl, Raven, Nutcracker, Pygmy Cormorant, Dipper, Great-Spotted, Syrian, Grey-headed and Lesser-Spotted woodpeckers, Tree Sparrow, Sombre Tit, Fieldfare,  Bearded Reedling, Great Grey Shrike, Grey Partridge, Hawfinch , and many others.
Red-breasted and White fronted Geese
The Sites

We operate three permanent hides for raptors located in the middle and eastern part of the Balkan mountain ridge.  Near the raptor hides we have settled also some other hides attracting small birds- mainly forests species.

Another site is probably the best spot in Europe to photograph  Red-breasted Geese  from Siberia in large numbers.  It is located on the north-eastern Black sea cost.

Red-breasted geese

For spotting several other birds, as well as another highlight during the Bulgarian winter - the Dalmatian Pelicans in their breeding plumage, we head for the freshwater lakes along the coast.
Typical Itinerary
To avoid any disturbance, you will have to enter and leave the hides for eagle photography when it is dark.  Therefore, we will leave the hotel around 5:30 – 6:00 am.  Breakfast and lunch will be packed for you.  You will stay in the hide nearly 11 hours (+/- one hour depending on the date).  This requires physical fitness and good personal equipment to protect you against low temperatures. 

Golden Eagle

If you choose one of our hides for the smaller birds the program will be more relaxing.  We will leave the hotel after breakfast, around 7:30- 8:00 am, and you will be able to enter or leave the hides any time during the day.  Pelicans, owls and some other birds we will photograph without hides.
We are making every effort to provide you with only the best options for photography.  For that reason and because of the special character of the birds we are targeting, our winter trips are limited to 2-3 participants.  This means that you will get a tailor-made trip.  All you have to do is choose your favorite species and your most convenient time to visit us and we will arrange the rest.

For more information about your winter trip please contact us.

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