Red-breasted Geese

Red-breasted Geese
Jan. 12, 2011
My book-album entitled “Red-Breasted Geese” was presented on January 12th 2011. It show the beauty of these birds, their remarkable way of life and fight for survival on a total of 40 pages. A special attention is paid to the problems and threats these birds face during their wintering in Europe.
Undoubtedly Bulgaria is the best site for observing and photographing the countless flocks of the species. Bulgaria is also a critical site for the conservation of this endangered goose. Despite the country being the best site for taking spectacular shots of the numerous flocks of Red-Breasted Geese, the photographs printed in the album took me some 10 winter months for altogether six years

The album was printed by Green Balkans NGO – one of the leading Bulgarian nature-conservation organizations with over 4000 members from all over the country. Green Balkans works for biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration, sustainable natural resource management, environmental policy and education.

Their work related to the Red-breasted Goose is focused mainly on the conservation of the species and its wintering habitats – foraging and roosting areas. They aim at establishing a “safety zone”, where birds can roost and feed undisturbed, and where no poaching is possible. In this regard, an innovative approach has been undertaken – namely, purchase of lands in Coastal Dobrudja by Green Balkans, as these are areas of significance for wintering birds. For more information, check: //